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pavilion for display of dirt track cars.

A pavilion for the display of dirt track racing cars in the heart of downtown Roanoke, Virginia. The structure itself is set in a former parking lot, squeezed between a five floor, mixed use building and a one floor shop. A new landscape carves in and out of the ground, accomodating the small pavilion and creating interesting space for leisure. Roanoke’s farmer’s market is very close, therefore it was important to delineate restful areas that could be used for
socialization and enjoying produce.

A wood stick skin, held by steel and encasing glass - the undulating language handled with a section by section analysis of size, strength, and subsequent construction detail. The wood battens (local lumber) are at a much tighter interval than their steel frame support, and an intricate structural organization, reminiscent of architecture Kengo Kuma, is employed. The curved steel and variable length battens are to be customized as defined.





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