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seeking the rational[e].

The wood is a piece of cherry, distinguished by its rich red-brown tones and easy- flowing grain pattern.  It is both visually and geometrically composed; the age lines of its creation have established clear direction, human cuts have given it a precise shape.  Mystery lies in two broken holes that puncture and define one of its end faces.

The holes lack precision, though made by machine, and they no longer serve the purpose that they may or may not have once had.  Equally offset from the wood’s edges, the holes were created carefully but not well.

It is often too personal to talk about ‘why’ in regards to working with an object, but it is quite easy to explain ‘how.’

Two holes are drilled with respect to the orthogonal pattern set.  These new holes seek to alleviate the tension between the wood and its ‘scars.’  They are filled and provide a needed functionality, while compositionally balancing the rectangular surface.  Another hole is made but not filled, mediating the forced relationship between the new and the existing.  A piece of steel cuts freely through the solid, easing the burden of both its weight and geometry.

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