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a dialogue, then a relationship.

There are two shapes, then a dialogue, then a relationship.

As one shape is the negative left over from the other’s cut positive, there must, intrinsically, be a way to symbiotically compose the two forms together.  But before that, if they are to be given a new life together, they must reevaluate the way they exist by themselves.

Grinding and polishing the age and wear off both shapes, they are given an even starting point, a clean slate to start anew.  Neither form is to be featured; they must depend on each other for aesthetic and physical balance. 

With the desire to meet at only one point, an intersection is found, able to sustain the weight and visual needs of both shapes.  Together they share an agenda; they are two sides of the same personality. 

A thick circle leans back to meet the afternoon sun, while its support stabs a pointed shadow through the curvature stretched out across the pavement.  It becomes a sundial without an agenda; a composition with no decisive answers. 


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