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fontainebleau installation.

cello, chairs, enter, viola, chairs, cello, chairs, violin, exit

Final Assignment: Work with a student composer to create a space of music and architecture within the chateau grounds (for 120+ visitors).

As a group (of four), we decided to make use of the old chairs, stools, and easels in storage to delineate a path and environment for the experience of an original composition written by Andy, our chosen student composer.  We worked together with Andy to come up with a musical experience that would emphasize and celebrate the temporal aspect of music and path.  The sounds became luring and directional, the patterns repeating at different tempos, volumes, and locations within the installation.

The path began in one of the open courtyards with a cellist drawing the crowd over to listen.  As his playing started to fade, a viola could be heard starting softly and getting louder, hidden within a large arcade.  The audience entered the arcade at the end from which the viola music was heard.  As the viola started to fade, a distant cello drew everyone through a long, chair-defined path.  The cello music faded when the crowd made it to the end of the arcade, at which time a violinist standing in the wall (image3) played the final part of the piece, throwing her sound dramatically off the walls and domed ceiling, filling the space.  The music eventually stopped and the audience exited.


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