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home for a farmer's family.

A house for a farmer and his family in the New Zealand countryside. Modest and gentle, it is built from the ground to the sky; two massive rammed-earth walls support and delineate an intimate human relationship with the land.

The building’s orientation describes its insistance on effective passive heating and cooling, as well as appropriate daylighting and views; the property is very open to the North, taking advantage of the sun’s warmth and natural light in the most used living areas, and closed to the South, which recieves minimal sun.

The west has a small portion of glazing to give morning sun to the kitchen area, but is mostly closed (as to not invite glare and over-heating). The prevailing winds in NZ are typically from the NorthWest, and are protected against completely, while still allowing for comfortable cross-breazes.

Two seperate boxes contain the indoor living areas, and both have a considerable amount of operable windows, to increase natural air flow and accomodate heating/cooling issues. The lower roof collects solar energy by PV panels, and drains water into a reclaimed water reflecting pool.


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