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panel architecture.

To consider the term ‘panel’ in relation to its possible future and immediate existence; seeking to relate the group to the individual, in a system of physical thought. To not limit the process to one panel system, but many, in order to explore.

In an effort to bridge, or at least mediate, the gap between a physically made component and a computer made component, I sought to take two directions at once – making self-sustaining, static models by hand, and complex, dynamic models with Rhino. The wood and metal shops enabled me to explore that which should not be touched with a computer, while Rhino gave me the opportunity to do that which should not be done by man. I would not want to, nor should I, build the generative complexities that Rhino can create with a few minor manipulations, just as Rhino does not want to build an individual, non-replicable item. This happy distinction between building and scripting establishes a dialogue that is entirely productive. What does the model tell the script that the script can not tell itself? What does the script tell the model, that the model is too busy to tell itself?


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