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undergraduate thesis. nashua, nh

The Nashua Paper Company building is an ideal location for reviving architecture along the Nashua River, enticing residents and visitors from downtown into the mills.  Its monumental qualities are beautiful; the facade is classical in its order, with its glass rectangles, bricks and granite patterns.  This building is Nashua’s industrial past.  My thesis project included two new spaces, introduced as interventions into the existing mill building.

The music performance space, an intimate 400-500 seat recital hall, is a window  through which a forgotten industrial history and cultural future are presented as one.  An acoustic box is inserted into a structural shell; the contemporary is inserted into the historical.  A connection between past and present is visually clear from both the interior and exterior of the space due to material and spatial decisions.  It is an exercise in starting an architectural design with a certain length of a certain room, in this case dictated by a desire to span the width of an existing building.  A space depending heavily on basic geometric constraints (shoebox shape theatre - rectangular prism) can be formed somewhat discretely by its needs and intentions, both spatially and acoustically.

The drama theatre is a space crafted to accentuate uninhibited creativity and passion.  It is hidden within the building, considerate as it carves playfully into the industrial framework.  An interior wall sequence, distinctly describing light and sound, creates the space’s form.  To fulfill a specific purpose, drama performance, the space is tuned for clarity as an instrument, choreographed for audience as a play.

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